Polaroid Studio is primarily high-quality photos that are an extremely powerful form of communication. Using the acquired knowledge and professional equipment, each entrusted order is implemented in an attractive form both in terms of concept and artistic.

“I always try to discover something new, amazing and amazing in the photographed object, regardless of whether it is a product photography, a portrait photo or a fashion photography. I invite you to see a sample of my photos and encourage you to cooperate.”

Publication of photos in this year’s issue of “Czas na wnętrze”, the cover was named the best cover in the history of the magazine, September 2018.

Publication of photographs in the interior design magazine “Cztery Kąty”.

Publication of photos in the interior design magazine “Czas na wnętrze”, October 2018

Photo printed in “DesignAlive”

Publication of photos in the British “The Photographer” in cooperation with Laura Rosso.

Award for the photo of the year according to the “Digital Camera”.

Award for the picture of the month in “Digital Camera” as a picture of the month made on the film in a Hasselblad Xpan camera with a diameter of 24 x 65

Photo printed “UrbanityChic”, photo taken at the children’s psychiatric hospital in Epson, England, film technique 120 mm

Photograph taken in 2009 at the exhibition at the Portraits Gallery in Miami, photo taken with a 6x6 technique on a 120mm roll.

Łukasz Kitliński

Od 20 lat zajmuje się szeroko pojętą fotografią, biorąc udział w licznych projektach nie tylko w Polsce, ale także za granicą.